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TOF presents itself at the Jena Laser Conference

The growth core Tailo­red Opti­cal Fibers pres­ents the first results of the coope­ra­tion at the 11th Jena Laser Con­fe­rence, which takes place at the Ernst Abbe Uni­ver­sity from Novem­ber 22–23. In a sepa­rate ses­sion, selec­ted experts from the four col­la­bo­ra­tive pro­jects pro­vide an insight into the pro­gress of the pro­ject and give an out­look on the upco­m­ing pro­ject goals for the com­ing year.

By inte­gra­ting the public work­shop into the pro­ven con­cept of the Jena Laser Con­fe­rence, the alli­ance part­ners expect a high response from the spe­cia­list com­mu­nity, new con­ta­cts with regard to the explo­ita­tion stra­tegy and incre­a­sed visi­bi­lity in a natio­nal context.

The ses­sion ›Tailo­red Opti­cal Fibers‹ is sche­du­led for 22 Novem­ber 2018 from 13:00 ‑18:00.

Inte­res­ted par­ties can regis­ter for the event via the web­site of the Jena Laser Conference.