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FBGS presents new fiber optic interrogator at Photonics West

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FBGS will be exhi­bi­t­ing at Pho­to­nics West in San Fran­cisco, Cali­for­nia from Febru­ary 4 to 6. The com­pany invi­tes you to visit them in the North Hall at booth no. 5662 to see their latest deve­lo­p­ments in fiber bragg gra­ting sen­sors and sen­sor sys­tems and to dis­cuss your sen­sor chal­lenge with experts. A high­light of this year’s exhi­bi­tion is the launch of the new FBG-Scan X0X-EP.

The mea­su­ring devices of the FBG-Scan X0X-EP series com­bine the fea­tures of the FBG-Scan 804, 808, 904 or 908 with an Embed­ded Pro­ces­sing (EP) plat­form, which is housed in a 19-inch package. FBGS pres­ents a dyna­mic and pre­cise mea­su­ring device for FBG sen­sors based on spec­tro­me­ter tech­no­logy. The sys­tem offers a cost-effec­tive solu­tion and is avail­able as a 4- or 8‑channel sys­tem. Depen­ding on the model type a sta­bi­lity of up to 0.3pm (@2kHz mea­su­ring rate) and an abso­lute wav­elength accu­racy of 10pm can be achie­ved with a built-in wav­elength refe­rence (only for the 90X series). Up to 400 tem­pe­ra­ture sen­sors (8 chan­nels with 50 FBG/​channel) or up to 240 strain sen­sors (30 FBG/​channel) can be imple­men­ted with the system.

In addi­tion to the new mea­su­ring device, FBGS will also be pre­sen­ting its shape sen­sing solu­tion deve­lo­ped jointly with TOF. Using the spe­cially deve­lo­ped mul­ti­core fiber tech­no­logy (MCF) in com­bi­na­tion with DTG® (Draw Tower Gra­ting) tech­no­logy, the com­pany offers a solu­tion for fiber optic shape sen­sing for various medi­cal and indus­trial app­li­ca­ti­ons This tech­no­logy offers great poten­tial for cap­tu­ring cur­vat­ures and shapes in 2D and 3D. Due to the small dimen­si­ons of the fiber, the immu­nity to radia­tion and the fle­xi­bi­lity of inte­gra­tion, fiber optic shape sen­sing opens up a com­ple­tely new cate­gory of mea­su­re­ment pos­si­bi­li­ties that are cur­r­ently not available.

In the exhi­bi­tion you will find more pro­ducts and solutions:

  • DTG® – Draw Tower Gratings
  • FSG® – Fem­to­Se­cond Gratings
  • AGF® – All Gra­ting Fiber
  • Com­bi­ned strain and tem­pe­ra­ture sen­sor sys­tems with unpre­ce­den­ted mea­su­ring accuracy
  • Cur­vat­ure and shape detec­tion systems
  • Strain and tem­pe­ra­ture sensors
  • fiber optic mea­su­ring instruments

You are wel­come to send an e‑mail to to arrange an appoint­ment during the exhibition.