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Euro Optics 2018

2. Juli 2018 um 9:00 – 4. Juli 2018 um 16:00

The 9th edi­tion of Euro Optics 2018 will fea­ture on dif­fe­rent tracks covering all the aspects of Pho­to­nics, Optics and Laser. The con­fe­rence paves a plat­form to glo­ba­lize the rese­arch by instal­ling a dia­lo­gue bet­ween indus­tries and aca­de­mic orga­ni­za­ti­ons and know­ledge trans­fer from rese­arch to indus­try. Euro Optics 2018 aims in pro­c­laim know­ledge and share new ideas amongst the pro­fes­sio­nals, indus­tria­lists and stu­dents from rese­arch areas of pho­to­nics, optics and laser all the rela­ted disci­pli­nes to share their rese­arch expe­ri­en­ces and indulge in inter­ac­tive dis­cus­sions and spe­cial ses­si­ons at the event. To dis­cuss in the topics of opti­cal ima­ging and sen­sing, lasers and non­linear optics, optoelec­tro­nics, app­lied indus­trial optics, fiber laser tech­no­logy, pho­to­nics, nano and quan­tum sci­en­ces, opti­cal tech­no­lo­gies, lasers in medi­cine, optics in astro­nomy and astro­phy­sics, opti­cal com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and net­wor­king, quan­tum optics, laser sys­tems, sur­face enhan­ced spec­tro­scopy, opti­cal fiber, latest tech­no­lo­gies in pho­to­nics and lasers and indus­trial app­li­ca­ti­ons of laser and pho­to­nics-over­view, chal­len­ges and cur­rent trends.

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